About Pilot Answers

Aviation was a passion of mine ever since I was a child, if I can pass on some of that drive to the new “generation of want to be a pilot”, I will have done myself proud. Because of where I came from it always seemed like this goal was just out of reach. I couldn’t be happier when, with the support of my wife, I threw caution to the wind, quit my career of 10+ years, and went full steam into doing what I love.

It would seem like risking it all to pursue a passion I love would pay off, I told everyone while I was getting my Private Pilot License I wanted to be at Westjet, a major Canadian carrier, in 5 years.

Interview Day 5 Years Later

Turns out, I made it!

I received a job offer

Time to leave the old career of flying a King Air 200 behind. My previous job of flying medevac patients around Canada as a Captain was about to come to an end.

One of My Last Medevac Missions Before Westjet

At this point, I had the opportunity to fly plenty of single-engine airplanes in Canada and the USA. I was upgraded quickly from a First Officer when I was introduced into the multi-engine turbine world and had a chance to do lodge flying. That world is a tough one but the experience I gained there will forever change the way I operate. I was over the moon!

Pike Fishing North Of Where The Roads Ends In Northern Manitoba

And what happens when you operate a charter to the middle of northern Canada, you capitalize, and I did, always a tackle box on hand, fishing becomes a solid side activity instead of burning holes into the walls of the local flight clubs with our eyes while we waited.

Along the way I’ve had so many questions, I still have questions, but, I’ve come leaps and bounds over where I started. It doesn’t seem to matter how long you’re in aviation, because of the nature of the industry, it’s always changing and evolving, if you expect it to stop, you have found the wrong career.

Finding information can be a tough task and when you manage to get the information it can get lost. Bringing that information together is what led me to the blog you’re reading.

Whether you’re a pilot, want to be a pilot, or a person that travels and could benefit from some peace of mind by knowing a bit more about the behind-the-scenes, I’ll do my best to make sure you’re all covered.

Typing that I realize it’s a tall order, hopefully, I can live up to it! Until I master it, may you have blue skies, smooth winds, paved runways, and a warm bed bug-free bed.